From small beginnings
to brightening futures


The Early Days

Biju sees a need and begins to provide Pav Bhaji (a local Indian snack) for children at a local train station, Mahim Station. Vision Rescue is founded.


The Medical Work Begins

With the growing need for accessible healthcare, the team started networking with a mobile medical unit to provide free medical aid to the less fortunate in slum communities.


The Start of Anti-Drug Counselling

On encountering countless of drug substance abuse addicts out in the field, a men’s anti-drug counselling wing of Vision Rescue is formed to help rehabilitate addicts and restore them into everyday life.


The Dental Team Commissioned

With the growing need for dental hygiene, the team started networking with a mobile dental unit to provide free medical aid to the less fortunate in slum communities.


Sports Program

With older children uninterested in the educational programmes, the team sought to offer a much-needed positive outlet for the older, teenage boys through the launch of a sports programme.


Beacon Community School Commences

The first Beacon Community School is established in the Kalwa Slum, offering formal education to children in Nursery, Junior KG, and Senior KG year groups.

New Vision Rescue Headquarters Established

With further expansion and steady development, a new kitchen and admin office is built in Vikhroli East, along with the provision of a six-bed refugee home.


Transitional Home Opened

A transitional home is opened for young women, 18 years old and above, who have been trafficked, abused, or caught in the cycle of human trafficking or addiction.


Think Outside The Bus

The first Vision Rescue Community Centre is opened to focus mobile efforts to a stationary hub planted from within communities. We believe the impact will be deep and long-lasting as men, women, and children who have not previously encountered the mobile units will be reached out to and empowered to change their community.


Vision Rescue continues to reach out in love with the five focuses that have been developed over the years. The five focuses being; Education, Healthcare, Vocational Training, Counselling & Restoration, Addiction Rehabilitation. Using Community Centres to channelize the aid and offer a lasting change in impoverished communities, Vision Rescue works to see entire slums transformed