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Bali’s story

Bali Chandu Pawar a 10 year old girl, originally from Solapur, was brought up in Sathe Nagar, Mumbai

After coming on our school bus, the teacher noticed Bali suffered from a severe eye condition. There, she was referred to our medical bus for further care. Bali’s family had previously sought medical assistance in a nearby clinic. However, even after thorough treatment there were no positive results. They lost all hope.

When we decided to meet with the young girl, she was absent from the school bus. We were told that she was selling flowers for the whole day with her father. Her parents didn’t comprehend the excruciating pain she was suffering. The child faced “Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis” of the right eye, and if not taken under the correct treatment she may even lose her eye. Time was of the essence. It could be in a matter of days that Bali would no longer be able to see through that eye.


Finally after locating Bali and her family, we were able to explain the proper medical care and attention she needed. The team was able to raise awareness of basic hygienic procedures and prescribe the proper diagnosis. After the follow-up visit we were able to see great improvements. She isn’t experiencing any more pain and is on the road to a healthy recovery.

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