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Nikhat’s story

The eldest daughter in a family of six Nikhat had to take on the responsibility of looking after all her siblings

Living in such a huge family her future aspirations were gone unheard. At 17 years of age, the focus and necessity of caring for the family meant she had to grow up fast. She dropped out of school by third standard as household chores at home became a pressing priority. Studies were overlooked and Nikhat’s education came to a complete standstill. Nonetheless, her heart was stirred the day she entered our community centre and the burning desire to find deeper meaning to her life was strengthened.

As the trust between the team and Nikhat grew, she expressed her passion for studies. After counselling with both the parents, she is now enrolled in vocational training studying tailoring.


Being a mature young woman, she still holds family in the highest of all respects. Nikhat found a way to apply her new skills in her daily living by making dresses for all her younger sisters. We can see a real change in her attitude as the team has shown her that once she takes care of herself, she is able to look after her family even more.

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